Benjamin Bowen

Intelligence Subnet Theory

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The Intelligence Sub-net Theory is aimed at understanding the inner-workings of the universe. We know there are molecules which consist of atoms, then which have hadrons, then quarks, and finally at the bottom level of the line; super-strings. But what is the reality behind these .. “super-strings”?

The theory begins with the supposition that all substance is of intelligence. There are 2 main forms of intelligence:

  • Experiential Intelligence: Experiences information given unto it, but usually isn’t allowed to give information to others.
  • Physical Intelligence: Often shares it’s intelligence, but still complies with regulations. It is there to represent substance in the universe.

So what are these regulations? These regulations tell the intelligent substance what to do and what of the thoughts which they have made should be distributed. One of the things that these regulations tell intelligent substance to do is keep track of certain things in a certain way.

There is also a unique kind of intelligence called “processing intelligence.” Processing intelligence does neither experiencing or physical being, but it is a networker and processor of all. Take all intelligences and put them together in a network to make the subnet of intelligence. The “central-processor” of everything and all, in a complex, would make the Omniplex. Yes, I call this unique and individual piece of intelligence the Omniplex. The Omniplex oversees and represents the space-time continuum.

To learn how the regulations build upon the different kinds of intelligences, refer to below:

  1. Processing Intelligence (the Omniplex) – Regulates and tracks Time and Space
  2. Physical Intelligence (Energy) – Regulates and tracks Compact Dimensions

Physical intelligence is energy. When we structure this energy and let it follow the regulations in a dynamic way, we get mass and matter:

  1. Spiritual Things: Mass
  2. “Real” Things: Matter

You can have mass without matter but never matter without mass. I speculate that “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter” are just another grade of physical intelligence (spiritual things). Mass and matter are physical intelligence in a structure.

All intelligences together form a sub-network which supports reality. I call this the theory of the intelligence subnet, or Intelligence Subnet Theory.

I also would like to testify that I believe in God, and I also believe that he was the programmer of the Omniplex as well as the organizer of the universe.


2 Responses to "Intelligence Subnet Theory"

Yes, there is something to dark matter another source of energy of another dimension–perhaps a source of photons used as foundation for creation of substance with greater matter? Another supporting theory posits that all creations are regulated at certain “vibration” rates. For example, because mortal beings and mortal animals are at a “low” vibration rate, they are highly susceptible to viruses and disease leading to sickness and death. However, from quantum physics we know that an atom must receive a “photon” (particle of light) for it to achieve a higher vibration rate. Supposedly, exalted beings, like God, vibrate at the highest rate possible, hence are full of photons or particles of light. In this state of regulation, no disease exists and all dimensions, and all information (knowledge present, past, and future) are accessible. In D&C 88, it states that receiving light is directly proportional to obedience to eternal law. Hence, if one desires to be exalted and reach a high vibration rate, they must learn to naturally obey the same regulations and law that God adheres to.

That is exactly what I was thinking! Good direction!

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  • bennynbowen: That is exactly what I was thinking! Good direction!
  • BRBOWEN: Yes, there is something to dark matter another source of energy of another dimension--perhaps a source of photons used as foundation for creation of s



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